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A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action Please

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The Lean Journey: A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action Please

Perhaps we have been mistaken by investing too much into reading about lean manufacturing, which has led us to effectively doing less. I am sure we have

many of the same books on the shelves of our offices, both at work and at home. Lean seminars, discussion groups, and the concept of “growth by association”

may have spoiled us as transformational leaders.

In other words, maybe we have been heavy on the theory and light on the playbook?

The Toyota lean manufacturing principles are truly gospel, but how do we get there? When I review my books, I take a close look at the authors and the number of books they have written. I ask, how many of them have actually been a plant manager? In charge of a big launch? How many of them have been in the trenches as an operations manager while we are redesigning multiple cells, per month, as part of our lean transformation?

We enjoy working with plant leaders who want to be part of the Kaizen activity, and so do their colleagues. When we are highlighting the non-cyclical issues in a work cell, we like to put the operations manager, or better yet, the plant manager, in there to run for 30 minutes. This way, if the part is sticking to the fixture, or the weld expulsion is tripping the light screen, it typically gets fixed much faster.

As a lean leader in your organization, how actively do you participate?

There is nothing better in the journey than a leader who participates, and is actively on the shop floor with his or her team. Credibility amongst your colleagues is gained by communication and participation.

Maybe you need to negotiate a few less conference calls with your bosses? Have you even tried or considered this? Tell them that this is important (crucial) for you and your group.

We at Dynamic Improvement Group are here to help you with getting your leadership team back on to the shop floor and into the game.

Visit us at: We enjoyed this article about being a lean leader:

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