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What We Do

Lean Operating System

Support Process


 •  Leadership Development

-providing coaching and mentoring to leaders

in the organization from CEO to production

team leader and supervisor 


•  Standard Work Processes for Direct & Indirect labor

      -Reduction of 25%+ direct labor

•  Standard Problem Solving Application

    -We teach teams to find the root cause, to reduce equipment

downtime & quality issues

•  5S & Autonomous Maintenance for Operators

      -Improves equipment uptime

•  Material Flow System Development 

      -Reduce Inventory;  Develop material delivery routes; 

Setup part presentation; Reduce downtime due to lack of material &

finished good racks by 30%+

•  Quick Changeover Principles (SMED)

      -Reduce changeover by 35%+

•  3P:  Production Preparation Process

      -Reduce capital, tooling, labor, floor space, quality, &

safety issues for new programs


•  Shop Floor Score Board

& Visual Management Processes

•  Continuous Improvement

Organizational Development Strategies


•  Lead Time Assessment 

     -with shop floor inventory levels at operator cells and storage locations

•  Stakeholder Analysis

     -with plant manager and staff relative to the lean journey

•  Indirect Labor Effectiveness and Utilization

     -with materials, quality, and maintenance personnel

•  Labor Utilization Performance

     -to both Takt time and Machine Cycle time

•  Value Added Review

     -of Operator Cycle Times

•  Standard Work Training Methods

     -to ensure operator effectiveness

•  Review Existing Conditions

     -of natural pace setters for operators

•  Generate Listing(s) 

     -of off standard conditions in operations

Organizational Assessment

     -of supervision and team leader level effectiveness


Assessment Process

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